Call for dream bike builders!

Always wanted to build your own bike? Now you can! MeBike and Mediamatic are joining forces and organizing a two-day dream bike event.


MeBike crew - Bas van den Broeke



MeBike are Abner Preis and Claudius Gebele. "Cool, clean and conscious" is their motto. Biking is more than just a way to get around, it's a lifestyle. 2006 saw the kick-off of the project, highlighting the questions: how do artists envision their dream bike, and how cool can a bike get?

The original dream bike concept was inspired by a Simpsons episode. Homer's brother asks him to build his dream car, which he then calls "the Homer". He adds bizarre things to the car, like bubble domes and horns that play "La Cucaracha". MeBike started to explore different interpretations of dream bikes all around the world.


Build your dream bike in just two days. On Friday the teams will be introduced. Live performances, music and fireworks will provide the perfect setting to check out the competition and decide on your genius and crafty game plan. On Saturday the teams will have to buckle down and get to work, because they only have nine hours to build their bike.

Sounds hard enough? It gets worse! We're providing the materials for the bikes, but we're not telling you what you'll be working with until Friday evening. However, each team is allowed to bring their own "Secret Weapon Arsenal". Customize your bike with weird gimmicks, or functional tools of love and destruction. Your choice! However, teams aren't allowed to bring more than will fit into a 1 m2 box.

More information

There will be two friendly and helpful hosts during the day on Saturday, and a television crew will be filming the whole process. The MeBike race takes place at 8pm, and the winning team will be initiated into the MeBike hall of fame at 9pm. The festivities don't end here though, as we're celebrating the final week of Sur Place with a fashion show, live music and a special Subbacultcha! After Midnight exhibition.

Joining the race is free of charge. We provide the basic materials and tools, you provide the weird gimmicks to personalize your bike. We suggest you work in teams of at least three. If you want to participate, send an e-mail to Dido. The event takes place at Mediamatic Bank, on Vijzelstraat 68 in Amsterdam.

Visit the MeBike event page for the full program.