karla kracht


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Born 1975 in Germany. Completed BA in Graphic Design at Bristol’s UWE School of Art, Media and Design, UK. Studies of Fine Arts and American Culture at Dresden University, Germany. Studies of Spanish and Italian Linguistics, history of art at Leipzig University, Germany. Since then she’s been working as graphic designer, animation artist and illustrator in studios in Berlin and Barcelona and creating video installations and live video performances for musicians, DJs and a dance company.

With her installations and live performances she is interested in extending cinema, seeking to explore possibilities of expanding the screen, chronology and linearity of story telling in order to change our audiovisual experiences. She is interested in moving beyond a fixed screen by exploring the projection surface and changing the relation between the spectator and the projected image.

In collaboration with musicians, architects, dance company, filmmakers and programmers she is performing live visuals in various locations and situations and investigating interactivity in live performances.