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The Secret of Henna workshop

27 Sep 2007

A wonderful journey through a 6000-year-old tradition of the varied uses of Henna powder.
Nowadays many of us have heard of and seen the popular Henna body decoration (Henna tattoo). But there are many other uses of Henna. Etty Elbaz-Griffioen will tell us some little secrets.

Workshop approach

What is Henna powder? What is it made of?
From the days of ancient Egypt (what did Cleopatra do with it?) or ridding the hair of lice in our own time.

What is the connection between Henna and wedding ceremonies where it is so often used?
Why in many countries do they believe that Henna is what you should use against the Maktub?
Are the drawings only for decoration or a symbolic language full of secrets? Etty will try to explain all these marvels.
During the workshop we will make a mixture of Henna ourselves according to recipes from Morocco.

We will learn some techniques of how to apply the Henna paste.
Through beautiful photos we will see a variety of styles of the use of Henna. We will have a short discussion on the believes in the protection of amulets like the Hamsa (Khamsa) and the deep fear of the evil eye (boze oog). At the end of the session, each one of us will decorate an amulet with his or her secrets.


Etty Elbaz-Griffioen was born in Jerusalem to family of Moroccan immigrants, she is a painter and a Henna artist.
I feel like someone who is blessed to be a link in a chain of people who have always made a use of a beautiful language. Please join me and open your senses to an amazing tradition.


henna handen - Marieke Bijster