Making cartoons with Lamelos

Learn the tricks from the experts. (En vergeet niet, 1 april, kikker in je bil)!

1 Apr 2010
1 Apr 2010

As a part of the Jerry Springer Rodeo exhibition, organized by Sjocosjon, Lamelos gives a workshop on making cartoons. This really is an amazing opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade from the best and funniest Dutch cartoonists.


Cheesehero - Picture provided by Lamelos.



The cartoonist and illustrator collective Lamelos have become quite famous for their eccentric and undefinable cartoon style. It mixes up influences like Donald Duck, tattoos and elements of hip-hop culture and treats rather awkward themes. At the same time the Lamelos guys are also drawn to a more commercial side of their craftmanship, for instance by customizing sneakers for big brand like Nike and Converse.


Lamelos will give a short presentation about their work. Then they demonstrate how to start drawing a cartoon. Afterwards, you can let yourself loose with our drawing tools.
The workshop takes about four hours.

Information and registration

The workshop costs € 15 and has to be paid or pinned on the spot. We serve coffee and tea (with cookies). We have space for 20 participants, so register quickly by clicking the magenta RSVP button. Ten days before the workshop starts we mail a reminder with some practical information. We start at 10.00 sharp. Please contact Deborah Meibergen if you have questions.