Caspar Menkman


Dev Camp Day 3

We woke up to see a UFO flying through the Mediamatic Bank. When the initial fear subsided we took a closer look.


AR.Drone - Willem got a drone quadricopter and he can control his brandnew toy with an iphone. Robert Keil

An AR.Drone is a radio-controlled quadricopter mounted with two cameras. One of the cameras is on the front that gives the pilot a live image from the perspective of the copter. The other one is directed down to calculate speed and maintain horizontal stability.

The Drone is controlled through a Iphone/Ipad/Ipod Touch. The connection is established through Wifi. This means the distance between the Drone and the pilot can be as much as 30 meters. AR.Drone comes with two games: a combat simulator called "DRONE WAR" with solo and multiplayer mode and a "ROBOT" solo game demo against a virtual Robot.