Caspar Menkman

Day 4: Markers, Socks and Arduinos

Blowing your Sock on!

A blowing context that influences the color of a never ending sock. An educational game filled with politics, psychology and philosophical theory.


coloring station - Ink coloring station of the "blowing my sock on" installation. Robert Keil

Regrettably they had to part with the idea of alcohol induced coloring due to the limited amount of time and the presence of just one knitting nest. But making up for this loss is a new gaming element. The team has decided to use not one pressure sensor but three. The user that blows the hardest on the sensor will have the color corresponding to his sensor coloring the thread.

At the moment the team is working with a mock-up checking if the system they are using is feasible. It all looks a bit fragile, but again it is a mock-up and I guess the carpenters are already working on a more solid frame for the coloring station. Also they are working on the code for the Arduino. Lastly the guys have to connect two pressure sensors to the Arduino. Being the most bearded and glassed team present brings high expectations and right now they are living up to them.