Peter Robinett

anyMeta API

The last few weeks I have been busy compiling documentation of the anyMeta API. It has its own section on this site here.


Peter is taking care of anymeta API - Robert Keil

An API is a set of routines and protocols for accessing a software application. It is a tool that makes communication possible between different software programs and between them and their users. To use an analogy, a programming API lets you connect to and interact with an application the way that a currency lets you interact with a country's economy. We use the euro here in Amsterdam, so you might say that the euro is the API to interact with the Dutch economy. Likewise, they use the dollar in the United States, and I wouldn't have much success if I tried to buy things with euros in New York: the US has a different API.

The anyMeta API documentation shows site owners how they can enhance the experience of guests to their site. Likewise, third-party developers will learn how to hook into anyMeta to access the system's powerful semantic data to create web mashups and interactive installations. The perspective offered in the documentation will enhance the understanding and extend the possibilities you are able to offer in through the anyMeta API. And because of this it will help getting the maximum out of any anyMeta based project. Check out the documentation here!