Caspar Menkman

What can we learn?

Dev Camp Day 3

With backgrounds ranging from Portuguese AI-experts to Tennessean hackers the camp promised to be a roller-coaster-ride. And the dazzling displays of limitless ingenuity have yet to disappoint. Enter Dev Camp '10!


dev camp dinner day 1 -

Hackers like food. It is just day two and we already had some badass meals.We have a standard lunch that really is nothing special. Just 6 different types of bread from het Vlaamsche Broodhuys + 12 different sorts of meat (ham, roast beef, spinata, chorizo, chicken and some sorts I have never seen before.) + 8 different cheeses + tomato-mozarella salad with balsamic vinegar + humus + green salad and finally homemade guacamole. Ok, I admit I am trying to make you regret not coming here.


dev camp day 2 -

I have also learned that hackers have beards. Around 12 of the participants have a beard with Sean Follmer and Luis B. rocking the most impressive ones. (also check beards of python with thanks to Peter) Also there is an alarming lack of glasses: just 5! An atrociously low count considering we are working with tech-savvy media wizards. And there is an alarmingly low amount of comic/star trek references. Come on guys get on the ball.


decoration for a good work environment -

Lastly knitting is hip. Something that two of the more locally based participants firmly made me understand. If you have never knitted you are a loser. With two of the projects focusing on interactive knitting projects I painstakingly acknowledged that I am in fact a loser and knitting is cool.

Two days to go. Projects are taking shape.