Julia van Mourik

creative director exploring new possibilities in contemporary art for people to create, engage and connect


Julia van Mourik in NYC shadow.jpg - Julia van Mourik

As a creative director, Julia van Mourik explores the power of art and culture to foster spaces for free expression, collective imagination, and global solidarity in our diverse yet deeply interconnected realities.

Julia van Mourik has built up enormous experience in the cultural sector. As director of The One Minutes Foundation, she leads the platform for experimental video art that works closely with various arts education institutions in the Netherlands and internationally. And as director of Lost & Found, she leads the artist salons: an eclectic mix of visual art, video, performance, outsider art, amateur art, music, literature, design, science and more.

»Julia is amazing» Annie Sprinkle

»culturele duizendpoot» Jeanne Prisser, de Volkskrant

»Perfectie is de standaard voor Julia van Mourik.» Tineke Reijnders, Ons Erfdeel

»I hope Sinan readers can get to know this excellent curator. Talking about her work, she has a passionate love: "I always work with people, and I have a wide range of interests. In addition to the established arts, I also extract material from sources such as found material or archives. I mainly follow my own instinct and interests, which means that my work doesn't feel like work."» Sinan Life 2018-10-30

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