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Eric is a designer/artist/programmer/musician based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. He has a smiling problem, wears New Balance sneakers, and can't sit still if there's music playing. If he grows his hair long, it's curly. If he was a mouse and there were two levers in his cage - one for mouse food and the other for beauty - he would starve because he'd keep pulling the beauty lever.

For seven years he worked as Art Director at Small Design Firm, creating unique large scale interactive installations around the world for clients including Cirque du Soleil, the Nobel Peace Center, the Denver Museum of Art, Monticello, and L'Oreal.

He now works for the audiovisual art and design firm Sosolimited, with which he has created numerous live video works. In 2008, Sosolimited performed ReConstitution, a live remix of the US Presidential Debates. He also works with Plebian Design, a group specializing in interactive kinetic artworks.

Eric continues to work on a series of vibrotactile sculptures that explore ideas of aesthetic composition for the sense of touch. He is also a prolific musician and producer, having done installation and documentary sound design, composed commissions for BBC/WGBH, and released albums with the duo Gloobic.


Programming: Max-Msp, C++ (wrote and developed with an OpenGL graphics platform for seven years - unfortunately, not open source!) In the process of getting up to speed with Open Frameworks and Processing.

Music composition and sound design. Fluid with Ableton Live - have produced and performed with it extensively.

Typography, graphic design, information design, motion design, interaction design. Pretty quick with Adobe Illustrator.

Tactile design, vibrotactile composition (I know how to make devices that make strange and intricate patterns of vibration against the body...)

Basic understanding of electronics hardware and interfacing.

Communication. I'm pretty good with the pen (at writing, that is).

I can sing, beatbox, and "body pop" (I think that's what they call it in Europe. you know, like alien-robot-squid dancing).

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