Farida Nouna

27 years old, currently owns an independent fashion label, MORECULT, together with Thomas van Gelder


Morecult Streetlab 2007 -

EVOLUTION OF A NEW BRAND Starting at the end of 2006 MORECULT was first known as CollectionArab. Known for their outspoken Arabic designs, they started of with tee's and hooded sweaters. The new brand soon positioned itself in the local Dutch market. After the first two collections the strategy changed and together with a new name and a new multi cultural vibe MC managed to become a serious player between other urban lifestyle brands. MC managed to broaden its concept. Their collections grew bigger and better. More products such as shirts and jackets were added to their collections. The Arabic influences still maintained an important distinctive key element in their works. This new multi cultural graphic style, together with nicely fitted garments is representing what the brand is all about. To be open minded towards other cultures and benefit from these rich sources has been and will be a key element throughout the future of the brand. MC is about being different and creating your own style, doing whatever you like and just do the opposite of what people expect you to do. Never following the mainstream MC will go on developing innovative products and keep pushing their creativity to the limit, maintaining authenticity and focus on the quality of their products.


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