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Malu Halasa at the khatt kufi & kaffiya - Malu Halasa (journalist & Editor on Middle East Culture & Politics.) symposium on arabic visual culture, 24-08-2007 Marieke Bijster

With: Malu Halasa

Malu Halasa is an editor and journalist covering the culture and politics of the Middle East. She has co-edited Creating Spaces of Freedom; Culture in Defiance (2002), Kaveh Golestan: Recording the Truth in Iran (2007) and The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie: Intimacy (2008). She is also Series Editor of Transit, an occasional book series showcasing new writing and images from the Middle East, with Transit Beirut (2004) and Transit Tehran: Young Iran and Its Inspirations (2008). Former Managing Editor of the Prince Claus Fund Library, she was a founding editor of Tank magazine. Malu Halasa lives in London and writes for the British press.


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