Suzanne Wallinga

curator, cultural researcher and consultant


Suzanne Wallinga @ Mediamatic - It's Happening Now! -

As an independent curator, my work is centered around a research-led curational practice. Through organising exhibitions, writing and teaching I’m constantly aiming to reflect upon the modalities of artistic production within the realm of the contemporary, with a strong emphasis on knowledge development. I’m examining the interconnections between art and science, modernity in architecture and design, the language of film, cinema, and the process of image-making in our contemporary culture. Exhibitions include (a.o.) 'Sunset' with work by Zilvinas Landzbergas; 'Double or Nothing' with work by A.K. Burns, Leidy Churchman and Eileen Maxson; 'Can we leave things as they are?' with work by Rory Pilgrim and Louwrien Wijers and the large-scale international exhibitions 'Alles, was Sie über Chemie wissen Müssen' (2011) and 'Lunar Distance' (2009).

I have a background in Industrial Design Engineering and hold a Masters of Cultural Studies from University of Amsterdam. I'm the first recipient of the Young Curators Grant of Frans Hals Museum|De Hallen Haarlem. My main interests relate to art and knowledge production, contemporary aesthetics, and methodological strategies in art production. I'm a frequent guest lecturer at several Dutch academies, universities and postgraduate programmes, including Master of Film at the Netherlands Film Academy. Since december 2011 I have been artistic director of TAG in The Hague, The Netherlands, an artspace dedicated to supporting the production and presentation of new forms of artistic practice - which was closed down in 2012, due to the recent cultural cuts in The Netherlands. In 2013 I will be working on a research concerning notions of truth, supported by the Mondriaan Fund.