Ava Fatah gen. Schieck

Senior Research Fellow the Bartlett school of Graduate Studies

Ava is primarily interested in exploring the relation between new technology and architecture in particular within the historic context. She is a registered Architect (Germany) with years of experience in practice and a senior research fellow at the VR centre, University College London.

Her current research is into the use of location-based computing in an urban context, focusing on developing a theoretical understanding of the urban space as it is augmented by pervasive technologies www.cityware.org.uk
Previous research include interface design for Augment Reality collaborative virtual environments and its impact on the design process , information spaces and automotive design.


Ava teaches on the MSc Adaptive Architecture and Computation, leading the Digital Space and Society module. She also organises and tutors workshops on urban space and ubiquitous computing. Over the summer, Ava supervises MSc projects related to her research from the MScAAC.


Selected Publications

-Ava Fatah gen. Schieck, Feb. 2006, Towards an integrated architectural media space. First Monday, Special Issue #4: Urban Screens: Discovering the potential of outdoor screens for urban society.

- O’Neill, E, Kostakos, V, Kindberg, T, Fatah gen. Schieck, A, Penn, A,Stanton Fraser, D, and Jones, T, 2006, Instrumenting the city: developing methods for observing and understanding the digital cityscape. In proceedings 8th International Conference on Ubiqiutous Computing UbiComp2006, California, US, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg. (a book chapter).

- Fatah gen. Schieck, A, Penn, A, Kostakos, V, O’Neill, E, Kindberg, T, Stanton Fraser, D, and Jones, T, 2006, Design Tools for Pervasive Computing in Urban Environment. In proceedings 8th International Conference on Design & Decision Support Systems in Architecture and Urban Planning, Eindhoven, Springer, NL. (a book chapter).

- Fatah gen. Schieck, A., Penn, A., Mottram, C., Strothmann, A., Ohlenburg, J., Broll, W., Aish, F. and Attfield, S., 2005, Interactive space generation through play: exploring the role of simulation on the design table. International Journal of Architectural Computing 3:3–26

Contact information

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