Abd A. Masoud

Born 1963 in Amman, Jordan,

Living since 1984 in Vienna, Austria

In1987 receiving my Bachelor of Art from Webster University, Vienna.

1989 started working professionally in the field of silk screen printing. In this period I acquired my first knowledge with graphic design and typography.

1994 I found the passion for restoring old antique wood sculpture and furniture. Through this work I learned many techniques in this field. Autodidact I learned wood curving, calligraphy and painting. Qualified friends in this field made this effort much easier for me. A particular interest in painting led me to pursue acquiring knowledge, through which I expanded and consequently developed my artistic style.

2008 started running my Rearte Gallery as a non-profit, private initiative in order to provide opportunities for known and unknown artists to present themselves in an exclusive and representative atmosphere. Since then, the Gallery has dedicated itself to supporting young emerging artists, but also to connect artists from different countries and assist them in showing their work in group exhibitions with other artists from the region (Austria).

Member of the Austrian Association of Professional Art
Member of the Jordanian Plastic Artist Association

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