Young Photographers

21 Jan 2007
4 Mar 2007

SMBA presents six young photographers, some of whom have also previously shown work in the periodical: Katja Mater, Marianne Vierø, Melanie Bonajo, Paulien Oltheten, Linda-Maria Birbeck and Sema Bekirovic.


bondage - Melanie Bonajo

The magazine Capricious gives photographers six to twelve pages to show one photo on each page. Each mat-finished page is detachable. This arrangement makes it clear that Capricious is not so much a magazine but a periodically appearing collection of autonomous works from which everyone may assemble an exhibition at home, to their own taste.

In fact, in this manner the magazine rather simply does what museums often do in the form of elaborate exhibitions, in which the autonomy of the work shown is generally underscored by the format and the amount of white space around them. But why do what a magazine can also do? Would it not be better to experiment in an exhibition with photography, a flexible medium par-excellence, and try to open up the great potential of its presentation possibilities?

For its group exhibition ‘Capricious’ the SMBA has chosen work by six photographers who are searching for an alternative way to handle the medium – a way that is not only expressed in their choice of subjects, but especially in the manner in which they present their photography. Content and presentation cannot be seen as separate from one another.