We Need a Whole Lot of Flowers

A stone is a stone

5 Oct 2011
30 Oct 2011

“I knock at the stone's front door.
‘It’s only me, let me come in.’

‘I don't have a door,’ says the stone.”

—Wisława Szymborska, “Conversation With a Stone”


We Need a Whole Lot of Flowers - By De Service Garage

A stone is a stone. And so is a gravestone and a pebble by the road. Lippard, Kärki, Campos, and Baber have all taken an interest in stones—Baber splitting one open in search of its essence, Campos freezing one down over several days in order to establish a relation to an unknown place, Kärki finding spatial time embedded in their textures, and Lippard discovering that her father’s purchase of the “Observer’s Book of Geology” in 1968 has proven vital for her existence.

In this show, the four artists bring together a number of works which attempt to deal with the stone in its brute, material facticity. These investigations will be presented throughout October in the Service Garage, Amsterdam (ensuring, in accordance with local council regulations, a distribution of no more than 250 kilograms per square metre).