Invisible Collection

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to not be able to look at art? With this auditory collection, we discover art with all our senses except sight. How do you experience art without looking at it?


Zeger Reyers narrates Radio - Maxim Damper

With: Zeger Reyers

Invisible Collection

The Invisible Collection was launched during Museumnight on the 3rd of November 2018. It is a collection of auditory descriptions of visual artworks, described by art connoisseurs like Peter VandermeerschDirk van WeeldenValentijn ByvanckCharles EscheZeger Reyers and Wim Pijbes. Every speaker has selected an artwork and described their personal experience of this piece. What do they feel, smell, fantasize about or hear thinking about this particular piece? Listen to the podcast at Mediamatic and experience the artworks in the dark. 

Museumnight for the blind and visually impaired

On November 10th blind and visually impaired people will be able to experience the Invisible Collection. The museum night will be organised again but this time especially for blind people. More information can be found here.


Dirk van Weelden
Van Weelden was editor of the art magazine Mediamatic since 1991. Since 1999 he has been a member of the editors of the literary magazine De Gids. Van Weelden is a prominent member of the Dutch Academy for Pataphysics. 

Valentijn Byvanck
Valentijn Byvanck is director of Marres, Centre for Contemporary Culture in Maastricht, the Netherlands. At Marres he initiated and curated numerous exhibitions, such as The Unwritten (2014), the Winter Anti-Depression Show (2014) and recently Levi van Veluw: The Relativity of Matter (2015) and Ferran Adrià: Notes on Creativity (2016).

Charles Esche
Charles Esche is director of Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven; professor of contemporary art and curating at Central Saint Martins, UAL, London and co-director of Afterall Journal and Books. He teaches on the Exhibition Studies MRes course at CSM, and at Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht. 

Peter Vandermeersch
Peter Vandermeersch a Flemish journalist. 1 September 2010 he became the chief editor of the NRC trade journal and nrc.next. Before that he was the chief editor at ‘De Standaard’ since 1999. For years in a row, he worked at different positions for this Belgian newspaper.

Wim Pijbes
Willem Meint Jans "Wim" Pijbes is a Dutch art historian and emeritus General Director of the RijksmuseumAmsterdam. He is one of the minds behind the museum's complete refurbishment and reopening in April 2013 and the opening of the Philips Wing for photography and temporary exhibitions. Pijbes lectures and writes extensively on art, artists, the role of museums in society, copyright and on the digitalization of art. In the continuity of his line of thoughts, he also launched Rijksstudio, the first digital application to offer images of the museum's collection to everyone, free of charge.

Zeger Reyers
One of The Hague’s most remarkable installation artists, Zeger Reyers has made his name with installations in which he covers the interior of spaces with living fungi or moulds. He is fascinated by biological processes like eating and growing, budding, blossoming and dying.

Margherita Soldati
Margherita Soldati is intrigued by how objects and materials are in relation with our bodies and senses, and how these relations create a secondary effect on human behaviour. In her practice she focuses her research more on the human being rather than the objects that surrounds us. In a society that relies mainly on sight, she wants to make possible to ‘see’ with other sense by creating intimate, personal and interactive relations between her works and the visitors.

Anna Tilroe
Anna Tilroe is art critic and curator. As art critic she has published extensively about contemporary art and culture in Dutch newspapers (De Volkskrant and NRC) and international art magazines. IIn 2010 Anna Tilroe was appointed as honorary professor in Art & Culture at Radboud University Nijmegen.

Sabrina Kamstra
Sabrina Kamstra studied art history and is curator and head of Art Affairs at the AMC, Amsterdam UMC. Previously she was curator at De Appel Foundation in Amsterdam, after which she worked for 7 years in Tokyo as Director of Cultural Affairs at the Japan-Netherlands Institute. She has several publications to her name and gives regular lectures on the relationship between art and medicine. She is advisor to the AFK and was a member of the Council for Culture, board member of the Amsterdam Art Council and advisor to the Mondriaan Fund. In addition, she fulfills various administrative and advisory functions. Until 2015 she was chairman of the VBCN - Vereniging Bedrijfscollecties Nederland.


The auditory collection will also be published online. Keep an eye on the website for the digital files. Transform your living room into a museum where you can listen to the most beautiful works of art. This collection is an ongoing project and will keep growing.


January 10, the Marres, Mediamatic and KIBII Foundation will be launching a collaboration for the new edition of the Invisible Collection. The collaboration will create more input for the ever-growing project. There will be a central point where the podcast can be listened to.

As a result, the Invisible Collection reaches a broader audience and more editions will become available.