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Poster for "Ooghoogte"

Poster for "Ooghoogte" a video art and performance event organized by Mediamatic at Artotheek Groningen.

Thursday december 16 1983, 21:00

Artists: Jannie Pranger, Cristie van Proosdij, Barbara Pyle, Frits Maats, Klaas Koetje, Christine Chiffron.

Design: Ontwerp Velthoven (Willem Velthoven).

The posters were silk screen printed in yellow and dark blue on 102x72cm coated stock and and illegally sign posted through the city of Groningen by the organizing members of Mediamatic:
Jan Wijle, Willem Velthoven, Frits Maats, Barbara Pyle, Marieken Verheyen, Willem Mulder.

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