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Arno Peeters © Stefan Heijendaal 2006 - Arno Peeters © Stefan Heijendaal 2006 Arno Peeters

Sounddesigner, composer and radioproducer. In that combination also community artist.

Arno Peeters (1969) is an autodidact composer and soundartist. Having worked his way from early mono cassette-compositions to full fletched surround soundscapes, he connected with all kinds of scenes along the way: he was one of the first techno-artists in The Netherlands with monikers like Random XS, Spasms and Urban Electro, he went avantgarde on the German Mille Plateaux label, which also released his award-winning composition AeroSon.

Nowadays he is a radio producer and editor with Dutch National Radio. In his own studio Tape TV Productions, located in Utrecht, he assembles, edits and mixes for radio, film and animation on a regular basis and he specializes in surround sound and audio within interactive applications.

Since 2004 he works intensively with installation artist (and partner for life) Iris Honderdos. Together they worked on community based installations and performances, most recently in Hanoi and HaLong (Vietnam 2006 - 2007), Finland (2008) and Armenia (2010). Since 2011, they have done several projects for other NGO's like Meshwork and the Royal Tropical Institute in Sierra Leone, India and Uganda (2012)

Due to his widespread experience in the area of sound and music, festivals and organizations acquire his help as consultant in setting up the program or to give workshops. Since 2013 he is also is an advisor for the Dutch Cultural Media Fund.

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