Dinos Theodorou


Ubiquitous implementations using Bluetooth

There are many implementations using Bluetooth for location tracing and pushing relevant information to devices with Bluetooth capabilities. Such an implementation is the Ubiquitous Museum (UbiqMuseum).


UbiqMuseum - Ubiquitous Museum Architecture Juan-Carlos Cano

UbiqMuseum is an experimental context-aware application that provides context-aware information to museum visitors. Its architecture consists of an Ethernet based network, which connects the Central Data Server (attends connection requests to MIPs and manages the db), and the Museum Information Points (MIP) that are associated to one or more pieces of art. The MIPs push relevant information to the visitors by using the Service Discovery Protocol. The visitors should posses a Bluetooth-equipped apparatus (cellphone, PDA, etc.) so as to receive information of interest.
Each MIP is a master of a Piconet. While there is a high density of slaves around a piece of art, the multiple close-by Piconets form a Scatternet (using the bridge-node topology). In this way all the available visitors are able to receive information from a MIP.