Expo: Body that Matter

Go-G0 24 presents: Branka Zgonjanin.

An exposition of instant sculptures by Branka Zgonjanin, created during a 24h residency at the AWA gallery.


Godo (450 - 673) - Branka Zgonjanin

Go-Go 24

This project is a 24h residency where artists are invited to make a new work in the time and space given. Go-Go 24 takes place in the AWA gallery. On Monday at 1700 hours, an artist will occupy the AWA gallery to start their 24 hours. The artist is free to experiment and create whatever he or she wants. Anything is possible. On Tuesday at 1900 hours the gallery will be open for public to come to the opening of the new work. Go-Go 24 is free of charge.
(Go-Go 301 starts in February, check www.artistswithattitude.nl.)

Artists with Attitude (AWA)

is a vibrant and diverse collective of visual artists that aims to enhance communication between artists, art lovers and those who happen to stumble upon the work presented in the AWA gallery at OT301. AWA uses a model of exhibition- making that focuses on the importance of facilitating artists with an open space to present their work and work-in-progress to a diverse audience. AWA are not curators but function as mediators; using their extensive network in the visual arts to generate both audience and participants for the AWA gallery.

Opening Body that Matter

Thursday 31 January
Open at 7PM