Red Light Radio Summer Party #1

Red Light Radio celebrates the summer - bring on those sunny vibes!

7 Jul 2012

With: Vanderbuyst (LIVE Hardrock), Red Light Radio residents: EAGLEMEN, The Fat Cat, Mostapha Spliff, Mark From Middlesex, The Wizzard & Carl Cardigan AND MAYBE A SPECIAL GUEST!


Red Light Radio Summer Party #1 -

Red Light Radio

Red Light Radio is an online radio station broadcasting from a former prostitution window in the red light district of Amsterdam. Red Light Radio brings you daily shows of local DJ’s, live performances and cool personalities doing a one time only radio show. You can expect shows full of afro beat or shows with black metal next to live acoustic performances or DJ sets by artists or even a show by YOU.

Summer Party #1

Why throw a party - why not throw a party? WE ALL WANT SUMMER. NOW. So Give it up for the Sun, join us and enjoy this Red Light Radio Summer Party #1!

OT 301
Showtime: 22h00
Tickets: 8E at the door.

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