If I were the Mayor...

Play the City: envision the future of Istanbul using our installations

On October 13, visitors of the Design Biennial in Istanbul will come together and envision the future of their city. On this day, the Istanbul Modern Museum will host a Play the City event. Play the City is a company that invents processes for open and interactive city making. Stakeholders, experts, policymakers and urban citizens find effective ways of exchanging ideas to plan and evaluate the future of their city.

‘City Vision Polls: If I were the Mayor’ is an interactive city poll designed by Play the City. The poll is facilitated by an RFID installation developed by Mediamatic Lab. With this virtual game, participants tackle Istanbul’s dilemma’s, including those on potable water, food, energy, urban density, and traffic. Based on their choices, ‘If I were the Mayor’ tells them the type of Mayor they’d be. For example, a three-hugging, radical, or globalist one.

Any ‘Istanbullu’ with a public transport chip card can participate in this Play the City event. All they have to do, is tap the RFID-reader on their card in front of their preferred urban scenarios. Within seconds, the user-generated choices are visualized and evaluated real-time. Come play, it’s exciting and challenging.

Mediamatic Lab will have a stand in the Istanbul Modern Museum on October 13th, where you can take pictures with our interactive ikCams and post them on your Facebook timeline.