Play the City Foundation

Serious Gaming for Smart and Social Cities

With a multidisciplinary team of international social scientists, engineers, and designers, Play the City focuses on strategic urban development through city gaming. They develop physical games to be played in and around a city as a method for collaborative decision making. It is a practice that developed from the doctoral works of Play the City's founder, Dr. Ekim Tan


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Play the City invents new methods for interactive city-making. They integrate city gaming, digital public polls, interactive learning, co-design and social networks with traditional architecture and urbanism. Play the City works with cities, housing corporations and cultural organizations to generate interactive and collaborative plans with multiple stakeholders.  With this, their goals have been to engage stakeholders all together to make a collective decision on different parts of urban development.

Since 2010 they have designed games for issues such as migration, affordable housing and urban expansion. Their work have been implemented in major cities such as Amsterdam, Istanbul, Brussels, Schenzhen, Dublin, Prague, and Cape Town.

It is with their belief that due to the accessible environment of games, ridden from professional jargon, the stakeholders, or players rather, are encouraged to find a creative outcome together.

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