TSUBAKI presents Oorutaichi

Oorutaichi, DJ Shabu Shabu and Laki Laki

9 Nov 2009

Japanese party TSUBAKI
presents a concert of
Oorutaichi / DJ Shabu Shabu / Laki Laki
at OT301 on 9th November!

Oorutaichi (Osaka, Japan/ Experimental / Alternative)
DJ Shabu Shabu (Kyoto, Japan / Experimental, Electronica)
Laki Laki (ex. Maho Thai Disco)

entrace: 7EUR
door open : 20.30


oorutaichi_3-credit_eric_bo.jpg - Oorutachi (photos by Eric Bossick) Emiko Chujo

OORUTAICHI (Osaka, Japan)
Oorutaichi (aka Taichi Moriguchi) wants to make music nobody has heard before: imaginary electronic folklore. He makes drifter music, strung through with expert percussion and electric rays, flowing on a river of magical chants, inspired loops and choruses written in an invented language, undiscovered country left and right. It is exalted and resolutely pop. Titles such as ‘Beshaby’ or ‘Jimaji’ sound as if they might have been composed on the edge of a volcano. Onstage, Oorutaichi is not chained to his machines but sings with them in a deluge of extravagance and colour.

DJ SHABU SHABU (Kyoto, Japan)

LAKI LAKI (ex-Maho Thai Disco, Kyoto, Japan)