Japanese party & event in Amsterdam

TSUBAKI party gives an unique, stylish, joyful and colorful Japanese atmosphere that you will never find in any other event in Amsterdam. It is the only Japanese party in Holland organized 100% by the Japanese of the Japanese.


TSUBAKI_2009NEWLOGO - Emiko Chujo

Since 2006, Takako Hamano and Emiko Chujo started TSUBAKI, and it has been delivering the platforms for our friends to meet new friends, love and inspirations. TSUBAKI event is always filled up with great numbers of mixed international audience, which makes the party atmosphere so unique and special.

In the history of TSUBAKI, we had parties with many concerts and diverse of performances -Butoh dance, fashion show, Japanese bondage show, and musical improvisation game "Cobra", and much more...!

TSUBAKI took place in different locations such as PARADISO, Sugar Factory, Winston International.

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