Els Engel

New baby fish at the Fabriek

Clarias gariepinus | African sharptooth catfish

After the deaths of around 400 of our fish due to a power failure, we were sadly left with two empty systems. Time to take action, before the bacteria in the systems would die as well.


Baby African Catfish - During transport from Brabant to the Fabriek Marcela Szwarc

With: Jerre

Last tuesday we ventured out to Brabant to buy 400 African Catfish fingerlings. These need much higher temperatures than their European cousins, but they're also more readily available and there's lots more information to find about this species.

The Dutch catfish business is very secretive about their work, we already learned that from Michel from De Kopervis. Still, we had hoped we could get a little peek inside the building. But no, the doors were closed after the merchandise and we were not allowed to go any further. Well, who blames them. They probably invested a lot in research and there's also the risk of infections to take into account.

Our new little friends are currently peddling happily away in the scorching heat of the greenhouse. They're fine now, but this heatwave won't last forever. So we have to think of a way to keep the water 27˚C at all times.