Workshops and education

Learn everything about aquaponics

With a close team of volunteers we are working on improving our farm. We are looking for answers to practical questions, like which crops do well in our aquaponics system? How can we best monitor our crops and fish? Which materials work best for the installation? We aim to share our practical experience through workshops and education-programs.


Mediamatic's Vertical Aquaponics Farm - Els Engel

Workshop for people

With a group we can build a complete aquaponics system in one day. A crash course biology, plumbing and building after which you can make an aquaponics system at home.

Workshop for companies

Would you like a greener work environment? Mediamatic designs aquaponics systems on a Dutch scale, so they will fit in your office perfectly. Make a day of it and build a minifarm on the spot with your collegues and care for it together in your own work place.

Workshop theory

For the real aquaponics fanatics we offer a workshop that goes in depth. You learn about all the technical aspects of the aquaponics system and about the maintenance. Also we speak a great deal about caring for the different kinds of plants, fish and other organisms.

Education program

Finally, we create educative programs for primary and secondary schools. Our aquaponics farm stimulates awareness about sustainability and encourages kids and youngsters to think about the relationship between man, nature and technique. The new farmer traded his meadows for the city and his clogs for sneakers. You can be a farmer as well.

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