Human Chain

An human chain closing the entrance of a gate


Human Chain at Taksim -

During the protests in Gezi a 'human chain' was created by the people. This is a strong and clear sign by the protestors, which seems to say: Are you really going to harm us? We disagree with violence. While, at the same time saying: This is our ground. We've got the numbers. Together we are strong. This project makes the force of this cooperative sign audible with a sound installation.

The installation will look like a gate, with a large entrance. On the gate, there are pictures of some 'human chains' created by the people during the protests. If the audience would block the entrance by creating a human chain the gate will start to produce sounds. Each of the pipes that are being touched by the people will produce a pipe organ sound.

The pipes to create the gate. This can be (old) metal pipes, since the resemblance of a gate is real important.

Pneumatic valves to blow wind at openings of the pipe. I will be DIY-ing the best part of the wind supply. For the valves I am thinking about something like this:

A compressor or organ blower to create the wind pressure.

An electric circuit to trigger the valves when the chain is made. This can be rather simple components and a lot of wire.

Wood to connect the pipes and for the wind supply.

Plastic flexible tubes for the wind supply.

(Electric) tools.

All the things I am not thinking of at the moment.

Our team in the HKU (including Musfik Muftuoglu) will help me design the 'musical possibilities' of the project and think about the usability.

I would like to use the PARK-archive to look for pictures of human chains during the protests.

I want to ask if someone at Orgelpark (Amsterdam) can help me out with the technical part. Also I want to get in contact with Hans van Koolwijk and Horst Rickels, for some more specific questions during the process. Both of those guys have a lot of experience with creating an 'organ like installations'

For the craftsmanship of the wood I will ask a good friend of mine, since he builds musical instruments out of wood.