New Journalism and Democracy

We want to organize a panel together with the Institute of Creative Minds (ICM) which is an Istanbul-based creative professionals network that was launched in 2010. ICM consists of various creative professionals

Panel Topic:
New Journalism and Democracy

The Form:
Fishbowl Conversation

The Contact Person/Organizer:
Thieu Besselink (NL) / Betul Ellialtioglu (TR)

The Moderator:
Thieu Besselink

Panel Members:
Engin Onder -Project Designer @the Institute of Creative Minds
Cem Aydogdu -Project Designer @140journos
Emin Ozmen -Photojournalist @Agence LeJournal
Refik Baykal -Media Designer @Agence LeJournal

Dutch members will be invited after the proposal gets accepted. We want to invite organizations like De Corespondent, De Nieuwe Reporter, Open Democracy.
What is 140journos: Initiative of ICM through Twitter to generate a counter media movement via real-time, on-the-spot citizen news.
What is AgenceLeJournal: Network of photojournalists that bears the responsibility to storify the tragedies and victories of humanity by witnessing the occasions in the front lines.
Why ICM: The institude has taken active role in Gezi Movements and their contribution fits to the Gezi Spirit which we want to stimulate in Amsterdam. By inviting them we want to create a platform that gives ICM a free space to tell their experiences during the protests and to start a dialogue between European and Turkish activist/jurnalists to point out similarities, issues to create a road map for a better future.

Technical Requirements:
Audio Set Up
Simultaneous Translator (English/Turkish)

Panel Space Requirements :
A surface for projection
Movable walls to create safe environment and better acoustic
Flexible fishbowl sitting set up for 100 people (the number can be changed by Mediamatic)

Panel Date:
Between the end of October - beginning of November (The date will be decided with PARK participants)

- getting approval and certain date for the panel
- inviting the members and informing them about the subject and other members
- designing posters, event page and invitations
- arranging the space on the panel day
- welcoming the members and pre-panel time (backstage)
- panel

The Institude of Creative Minds


140Journos - The 140 reference in the name of 140Journos reflects the 140 character limit of Twitter posts. One important point 140Journos want to draw your attention to is that the only thing that is limited in citizen journalism is the number of character in a tweet. Journalism, as it is, is truly illimitable.

ABOUT 140Journos
By the influence of the Internet and the other digital technologies, not only the quality of the content producers, but also the habits of the news collecting have started to become diversified. At the level achieved so far, only with a mobile device that has an Internet access, one can share news instantly and rapidly, individuals and communities can access and release news without any need for the mainstream media. As in the cases of mass movements such as Arab Spring and Occupy, the monopoly of the mainstream media can be broken down. 140journos is a counter media movement that advocates free journalism as a reaction to the concept of filtered and censored news reporting of the traditional media.
140journos, which started live news reporting based on Twitter on January 19, 2012, has released fast and impartial news content to its followers through the events not covered enough and physically observed by the mainstream media. They have taken the pulse of the events through live broadcasting and photographs as well as the interviews made on the scene. It was considered as the exemplary practice of citizen journalism in Turkey by many academicians, activists and artists. We have decided to publicize and anonymize the broadcast having been conducted so far together with the voluntary reporters based on Twitter by releasing 140journos’s smartphone and tablet computer application to the use of the followers. We have aimed at supporting the objective news reporting and the right to access impartial news mentioned in the United Nations Human Rights Convention. Therefore, the 140journos movement has attempted to spread the citizen journalism across Turkey. The 140journos movement has targeted to fundamentally transform the media atmosphere raising social awareness through informing every society sector of any independent, unfiltered and rapid news by means of its mirror like objective approach.

140Journos on Media

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