8 Apr 2014

TA3M April

The Art and Science Edition

21 Apr 2014

You are invited to join Techno-Activism Third Mondays! TA3M is an informal meetup for techno-activists, hacktivists and anyone interested in free and open technology. The event takes place in different cities around the globe every third Monday of the month.


Browser Based Foundation - Browser Based is partly a material / technically oriented platform dealing with the browser based context. Also the workshop is a net-culture knowledge base. The aim is to embed the participant into the internet art culture and let him/her actively contribute

Bart van der Sloot - Coordinator of the Amsterdam Platform for Privacy Research and a Phd candidate at the Institute for Information Law. Van der Sloot specializes in privacy, but is also interested in the liability of internet intermediaries, internet regulation and copyright issues on the web - His talk will asses the benefits of a virtue-based, instead of the current right-based approach to privacy regulation. The contemporary legal privacy paradigm is criticized along two lines: First, in a legal dispute individuals are often unable to adequately substantiate their interests relating to privacy; second, privacy is often outweighed by other interests, for example, security.

Mieke van Heeswijk on 'Lets Fix the Internet' & Publeaks, the anonymous, censorship-resistant whistle blowing platform of the Netherlands. Van Heeswijk will tell us more about its network and use. In addition she will talk about the Let's fix the Internet program of the Waag Society. Throughout 2014, Waag Society is hosting and organizing events to raise awareness about issues concerning the internet and privacy. What did 20 years of Internet bring us?

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