uɐɯʞuǝɯ ɐsoɹ

Hacking it together

▀▄▀█ִ▄█▄ Constructions on the final day ▄ִ█▄█ִ▀▄▀

Things have to come together today. Stitched, patched, glued, hacked, hash tagged... As long as it works and looks good! So the sounds of the carpenters go on, the bells ring and the readers beep. Tonight will prove to be a looooong night for eyes, ears and hands!


Stitching the hacker camp together - uɐɯʞuǝɯ ɐsoɹ

A hacker camp this size requires some serious organization and shopping. Deborah is in charge of the overall organization, the budget and all the phone calls (or so it seems). She is doing a great job and also provided us with the most tasty lunch.
Machiel Veltkamp is in charge of the shopping lists, which is probably one of the most unpredictable jobs in the camp. Today he send Gillian to The Hague, a rough 60 km from Amsterdam, to pick up 250 colored balls. He also managed to move the complete Mediamatic offices from the Vijzelstraat to the Westerpark; all the computers (around 40), desks, volunteers and employees including chairs and office supplies seem to be on a temporary excursion to the hackers shack. What was planned to be a 2x drive turned out to be a 20 steps migration.
Dangling hazardous cables and wandering chunks of wood are all over the place, the power sockets and internet switches have temporarily been rationed and the Gamma and the Praxis (hardware stores) have been payed more visits then the Dixi toilet next to the shack. It is also very interesting to see how the amount of women doubled from 6 into 16 now that design, shopping and painting have become important tasks. The coders are starting to look more and more mongoloid, button bashing their keyboards turning slowly pink-reddish in the face. 240 bottles of Cava just arrived and took control over the soft-drink fridge. The ice tea had to scoot. Everything is under control!