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Stefanie Wuschitz works at the intersection of research, art and technology, with a particular focus on feminist hacking, peer production and grassroots community formation. She graduated with an MFA in 2006. 2008 she completed her Masters at the Interactive Telecommunication Program at TISCH School of the arts at NYU and became Digital Art Fellow at Umeå University in Sweden. 2009 she founded the feminist hackerspace Miss Baltazar's Laboratory in Vienna, encouraging technology that is developed from a female perspective. She was giving women/trans-only workshops and was teaching internationally. In 2014 she finished her P.h.D. with the title “Feminist Hackerspaces. A Research on Feminist Space Collectives in Open Culture” at the University of Technology, Vienna. She is collaborating with scholars in the fields of Human Computer Interaction, Design Anthropology and Digital Art. Starting March 2015 Stefanie Wuschitz holds a Post-Doc position at the University of Michigan at the School of Information.

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