Thomas Gremmen

First crops hit the grow beds

Tuesday we planted our first plants in the grow beds.


herbs cleaning - cleaning the roots

Due to the recent relocation of the aquaponics system to Dijksgracht 6, many plants died because they could not cope with the temperature shock. As plants are an essential link in the aquaponics system due to their nitrate uptake, it is important to get new plants in the grow beds as soon as possible.
Because our nursery is not fully operational yet, we decided to plant herbs that have been growing in pots for a while. Before the plants can be planted in the grow beds, it is important to rinse the soil from the roots to prevent too much soil particles from entering the system.
Besides the fact that herbs are delicious in teas and/or various dishes, they also have the potential to repel pests. Which is, of course, very beneficial for the other crops that will be growing in our grow beds soon. And until then, they will provide us with a lovely scent in the greenhouse.
Are you curious on the current state of our system and/or want to know more about what we’re doing here? We’re open for guided tours from 1 pm to 5 pm Monday till Friday. For more details please mail us.