Experiments with wood

Stencil on the pallets

From our previous post you can see that we were experimenting with some clay design. But this time, we wanted also to see how the highly theoretical art questions could look like in the wood. Have a look at our results and tell us what you think!


wooden questions - Alexandra Yakovleva (BR)

For the trial, we have used some old wooden pallets. We bought the organic black paint Plakaatverf Gouache at a paper shop and applied it onto a surface with the help of paper cut stencil and a sponge.

We used different types of fonts for our experiments: Georgia (official font of Mediamatic website), Myriad and a classic Stencil font. Unfortunately, the paint is not a waterproof one, so, after the first rain it really got washed down.

Also, we didn’t have that much luck with the paper stencil that we have used. It was very windy that day, so, to apply the paint on the paper was quite a struggle. You can actually see it from the photo, that our letters are not 100% perfect.

But it was a nice tryout which gave us lots of inspiration and motivation to keep experimenting with different surfaces and materials to find out the perfect combination for our final result.