Alexandra Yakovleva (BR)

Gypsum kings

Experimenting with gypsum, yeah!

For the last few weeks our team was busy with making the questions for the project. And we can tell you that during this time, we really tried all kind of different techniques for the installation look attractive and match with the context of De Realiteit van Theorie. You can see some examples in the previous posts of this blog.


gypsum questions -

This gypsum experiment was not one of the winners of the "what design are we going to use in the end" competition, because of many reasons. It takes a long time to prepare and to dry, it is way too heavy to carry around and also, the letters on the stones are not that visible.

But we were experimenting, right? So everything that we could create or think of – was worth it!

Even though we are not going to use these nice-looking white stones in the garden project (now they are just decorating our desks at Mediamatic office), we thought that it might be nice to write about the process of making them and show you some images. So you, dear reader, can see how is De Realiteit van Theorie is being born, toch?