The Art of Peeing

A very personal way to create a font

There are loads of different typefaces. You can find them made out of gummibears, cats and even meat. Humans: you think it and it's made. Artist Aravindan Thirunavukarasu also wanted to design his own, but what would the design look like?


The art of peeing - A font made out of pee, designed by Aravindan Thirunavukarasu. Aravindan Thirunavukarasu

After a night out with some friends and a lot of beers, he ended up pissing on a wall. When he was pissing, he suddenly realized that this was the most amazing feeling ever: emptying your bladder and creating patterns on the wall simultaneously. That was the moment his idea came up: creating a typeface as a tribute for those who like to piss shapes on walls and for not fortunate enough to be able to pee on walls (us woman).
But how does it work?
First you have to piss every single letter on the wall and take a picture of it.


The making of the art of peeing - Creating 'the art of peeing' typeface from a picture loaded into Fontsltudio Aravindan Thirunavukarasu

After that, you load the picture into one of the many programs to create a font, in this case Fontstudio. The program vectorizes the picture after you select the parts you want to use. Then, the only step that's left is adding each letter into the Graph Properties system and repeating the same process for the rest of the alphabet.


The typeface: the art of peeing - Typeface made out of piss designed by Aravindan Thirunavukarasu Aravindan Thirunavukarasu

And voila! A new typeface, The Art of Peeing, was created.
The font still misses the numbers and punctuation, so if you want to add those, go ahead!
If you're interested in downloading the font, you can find it here for free.