Fermentation, Fungi and Farming.

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In order to design sustainable products and biomaterials, you first have to learn how to work with micro-organisms yourself. With 3 different workshops, we offer you the chance to learn about beer and fermentation, how to work with mycelium and oyster mushrooms and how to start urban farming at home. Get your tickets now. Only limited spots available.


Spraying the Oyster Mushrooms - Ni Nan, grew oyster mushrooms on coffee waste!

May 23: Brew your own six pack.

Brew Your Own Sixpack and learn all about the process of fermenting and brewing in this workshop with Simon Buijs from Brewery de Bierkraai. From milling and mashing to filtering, naming and bottling. Including special beer tastings and 6 bottles to take home.

Tickets: €75,00 (with discount you pay only €52,50 *)


The hops drying at the Beer workshop - At the 'Make your own six-pack" workshop, one off the step is to take off the hops after it was boiled.

May 27: Grow your own Oyster Mushrooms

Learn how to Grow Your Oyster Mushrooms on coffee waste and gain a better understanding of why mycelium is potentially a replacement for plastic.

Tickets: €25,00 (including a Mediamatic Membership)


Mycelium up close - Mycelium grown all the way through.

June 6: Aquaponics

In this workshop you will learn how to build a miniponics system. A miniature, home-edition of the bigger Aquaponics tower which is a sustainable food production system that combines the cultivation of vegetables and fish.

Tickets: €120,00 excl. VAT (or € 84 excl. VAT with discount*).


Vegetables in the Aquaponics farm - Close up of the first sprouting plants in the Aquaponics farm.

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If you have questions regarding the content of the workshop you can contact us here. If you have a question about tickets, reservations or other inquires you can contact Rosa Kieft.
Or call: 020-6389901.

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