Tal Benisty

Interaction Designer


Tal - Yes it's a toilet. Tal Benisty

Interaction designer at Mediamatic, I've worked on the design of the IkCam, assisted the Social RFID hacker camp '09, built the FriendSlicer booth for the Amsterdam Biennale, helped redesign the experience of buying a ticket online for Kom je ook 3, currently working on creating an active online community for the Mediamatic Travel project, a candy-based typography for Kom je ook 3, a visual wiki-mapping system of our storage basement and anything interactive that pops up on any hectic day at the office.



Responds to:
Cookies, candy and Lonely Planets.

Jewish. French-Israeli. Romantic utopic idealistic mofo. Loves wikipedia, his white macbook, black guitar and slightly awkward jokes. Had more blogs than jeans in his entire life, and prides himself on his ability to retrieve anything from the internet based on vague details. Also a designer, primarily an inventor, occasionally a dancer.