Willem Velthoven

Happy beginning

“I found the gastarbeider of my life! Thank you Mediamatic”

Without drawing too much attention to it, Mediamatic started beta testing its on line dating service as a companion project to the Gastarbeider Dating series of social sculptures. In a few days, hundreds of daters started to make anonymous profiles and exchanging messages with like minded members of the Mediamatic network.


Cat Conspiracy - picture by Craig Elliott found on Flickr

The dating process remains anonymous until the participants choose to disclose their identities. We usually don't know a lot about the goings on, but now we can report a first recorded success! Pierrot le Fou is the romantic pseudonym of a well know artist that stopped dating because he discovered Cat Woman / House Wife. Last night, they could be spotted together at the premiere of Room temperature by Zhana Ivanova and friends. They are a magnificent couple.

Mediamatic offers Pierrot and Cat a complimentary museum night for two. Museum night for two is a — soon to be announced — special arrangement by Mediamatic with an other Amsterdam cultural institution. A couple can be "accidentally" locked into the exhibition at days end. A place to sleep and a bottle of champagne will be made easy to find and the alarm will remain switched off for that night. Absolute discretion guaranteed...

Good luck together you two!