Alexandra Yakovleva (BR)

Seeding questions

Experiments with sowing

From the questions' design we smoothly moved to the experiments with the seeds and the seeding paper. We wanted to find out inside of which of the three types of rice paper (really thin one, a bit thicker and the thickest), the seeds of Garden Cress and Rucola, will grow better and faster. Our team also used special organic potato glue totally free of any preservatives, so it would be possible to glue two pieces of paper together, creating a small seed bag. This way it will be really handy to place it on top of the ground or directly into it.


seeds - Alexandra Yakovleva (BR)

To begin, we have chosen the rice paper, because this is one of the materials that we might use for the design of the punch cards. It is totally organic and the seeds can breathe easily inside it.

To be honest, we were a little afraid that Potato glue (even though it is totally "green"), might prevent the seeds from germinating. But, our fears were not justified. In less than a week time, we had our weeds growing.

The experiment showed that with a little seed bag, plants can grow on the ground as good as inside it. But of course, the tryout occurred at our office table where there are no birds or wind. Definitely for the outside growing, it is always better to push seeds really deep into the earth to avoid any type of unforeseen circumstances.