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Beer Roulette!

Spin the wheel of (mis)fortune to taste batches #1-#21

Over the Dijkspark Opening weekend and at last week's Biotalk, the Myco-Insulation Brewery finally revealed our tried and (safety) tested beers to the public for some tastings!


What will you land on? - #17 always went down nicely Margherita Soldati

To this day, we have brewed 26 times at Mediamatic for the Myco-Insulation Brewery project. This has left us with enormous quantities of beer - which is effectively just the by-product of our main goal: Insulation panels grown from mycelium and spent beer grain. How to relieve ourselves from the hundreds of litres of our by-product? An impromptu game of Beer Roulette!


Looking On - A visitor checks out our experiments with the growth of mycelium on spent grain. Margherita Soldati

It was a great opportunity to hear feedback from visitors with these tastings. Despite our recipes being quite similar overall, there were some definite favourites. #14 and #15, which included double additions of Citra hops and Newcastle Dark ale yeast, and #20, which included three different additions of Citra hops with Windsor British style yeast went down very well. These beers had the most flavour and were well carbonated, in contrast to some of our others which were very watery. Interestingly, these brews were all in primary fermentation for a slightly longer period than others. It is here that carbon dioxide is produced when the yeast digest the sugars from the wort.

There were also some losers. We were far less experienced when we made our earlier brews which, landed us with some questionable results. The players who landed on batches #1-#9 were the unfortunate ones, but our visitors were kind enough to at least pretend to enjoy them!


Drinking in the Clean Lab - Some visitors enjoying our Clean Lab turned Beer Roulette bar. Margherita Soldati