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A healthcare professional like to help people to get information on depression and cure, sleep apnea and sleep issues in adults.
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Technology has been a boon for us in many ways. The greatest boon it has provided is in the form of cell phones. Now a day with most of the people, you see smart phones which are loaded with great apps.

These apps can guide you in a city and also help you buy some of your favorite merchandise for yourself without even visiting the shop. There are multiple uses of the app that you can utilize and it can really make your life much easier. But did you know that your mobile phone can also give you a quality good night sleep.

Having eight to nine hours of sleep is very essential for us. But sometimes having a good night sleep also becomes very difficult for us and people switch to buy modafinil UK online. In such condition there are few apps in your mobile phone that really put you to snooze. Here are list of some of apps that can turn off your brain and send you to the dreamland.

Relax melodies:
If you are having a restless night then this can provide an escape route by listening to some of the custom mixes and you can select from 64 high quality ambient melodies. This sleep assistance app includes two binaural beats, an alarm and a timer system. You can also save, name and replay your favorites easily. It is available on both android as well for iphone.

Relax & Sleep by Glenn Harrold:
In case you are not feeling sleepy and your mind is not clear, then you can try a self hypnosis meditation app like this one. The soothing voice of Glenn Harrold will definitely put you to sleep who is an experienced clinical hypnotherapist.

Pzizz Sleep:
In case you are having any sort of sleep trouble then this app is just made for you. This app claims itself to be an apt solution for insomnia. Due to its scientifically proven techniques that combine NLP (neurolinguistic programming), binaural beats and sound effects, the app is on the pricier side. As there are several sounds available, this software will mix a new playlist every time.

Sleepmaker Rain:
If you like the sound of nature, then this app is just made for you. Just plug in your earbuds and enjoy the natural sound of realistic rain. There are 20 audio clips available that range from gentle, medium and heavy sounds of realistic rainfalls. This app is available for both android as well for iphone users.

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep:
This app has some of the most peaceful and healing sounds of nature. Along with water and sounds, Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep includes sounds of the sea, jungle, snow, birds and more. You can not only use the melodies for sleeping but for the purpose of relaxation at any point of time.

Relax Melodies: Oriental Meditation:
This app focuses on sounds of oriental nature. Close your eyes and listen to traditional Asian music from the Chinese flute, harp and more. You can mix and match the tunes and control the volume of each sound.

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