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Ash Bulayev -

Ash Bulayev is a Curator for Contemporary Performance (Dance/Theater) at EMPAC in Troy, NY. He is a curator and producer who has worked in the non-profit art sector for the past 15 years in Europe and New York City. He is also an Artistic Director of, a company working at the cross-section of performing arts, new media curation and research in collaborative processes.

From 1991 until 2003 he lived in NYC where he was part of the Resistance Theater black box theater, while also collaborating with various artists and groups.

From 2003 until 2009 he worked and lived in Greece, where he co-founed in collaboration with choreographer Tzeni Argyriou. He has created and produced:

’PLEAS[E]NTER‘ (2011) – Amsterdam (Netherlands) ; ‘Impossible Interviews Draft B’ (2009) – Athens (Greece); ‘The Cave’ (2009) – Thessaloniki (Greece) & Rotterdam (Netherlands); ‘Impossible Interviews Draft A’ (2009) – DTW (New York City); ʻAlphaOmegaʼ (2008) – Athens (Greece); ʻSee You in Walhalla’ (2006/7) – Athens, Amsterdam, Sofia and Athens Festival; ʻInvisible Cities 1.0ʼ (2005) – 12th Naples Biennale (Italy) & Theater of Neos Kosmos (Greece); ʻBut Secretly We Thirstʼ (2005) – MAD Festival (Athens); ʻPsycho/Cycleʼ (2004) – Dock 11 (Berlin) & Theater Semio (Greece); ʻSheddingʼ (2004) – InteraktionsLabor (Germany); ʻ1,170,694ʼ (2004) – Site-Specific Work (Greece);

He has been awarded and participated in several Artist-in-Residency programs and fellowships: PACT Zollverien (2005) – Essen, Germany; InteraktionsLabor Media Lab (2004, 2006) – Germany; HERE Arts Center (2002 – 2003) – New York City.

In 2006/7, he was the Project Initiator and Research Director for the EU Culture 2000 funded project i-MAP (Integration of Media and Performance).