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Meet the Myco Insulation Brewery Team

Part 1: The Brew Team

Find out more about Hugo and Isa, the current team responsible for the beer brewing activities of the the Mediamatic Myco Insulation Brewery.


Brewing Beer! - Hugo is stirring the wort in the Clean Lab in order to prevent a boil-over during the grain boiling part of the brewing process. Isa Miralles

Hugo Freijanes

31 | Barcelona, Spain | Graphic Design and Typography

His hobbies mostly have something to do with learning about traditional craftsmanship, like bread baking, shoe-making, beer brewing and cooking in general. "I like the way disciplines like these can be perfected over time but never truly mastered."

What is Hugo's role in the brew team?
Hugo and Isa will be looking for the best way to incorporate the special character (taste, mouthfeel, aroma) that comes from the unusual brewing process that is required for making the mycelium panels. "I like sincere beers made by honest brewers."

Hugo has some experience in home brewing, but the construction of the lab before brewing was something new! "I enjoyed thinking about the best way to solve the construction problems and also being part of its execution. It has been a lot of work, I cannot lie."

What challenges are anticipated with this project?
Hugo is excited not only for brewing but also the design, coordination and optimisation of a process that will keep on working in an efficient way after the team leaves.

Why Amsterdam?
"I wanted to know how it was to live in a country where grown-ups eat chocolate sprinkles on toast for breakfast."


Isa takes a sneak peak at the beer being brewed - Isa is seen here inspecting her work in the Clean Lab. Hugo Freijanes

With: Isa Miralles


Isa milling the grains - The grains must be smashed in order to reveal their starch for the beer brewing process. Isa is careful not to smash the grain too hard as this will produce flour! Hugo Freijanes

With: Isa Miralles

Isa Miralles

26 | Valencia, Spain | Wageningen University, MSc Food Technology

Her hobbies include building bikes, sports in general, and cooking, especially bread baking.

What kind of beers do the brew team hope to create?
Isa will be working alongside Hugo in order to experiment with the beer brewing process and create quality beers. She has some prior experience with home brewing and has made some APAs 'American pale ales' as well as some ciders. "They were all drinkable!"

At the moment, the team are making single malt, single hop saison beer, but they hope to develop two more recipes: one with a chocolate character, and one brewed with wild herbs.

Isa likes bitter, hoppy beers and her favourite is an IPA, 'Indian pale ale,' which she learnt to love while in New Zealand.

What excitements are anticipated with this project?
"The current phase! I am excited to try the first beers and test the quality and taste." Isa is looking forward to seeing the fruits of her labour and tasting the effect of the non-standard brew techniques on the saison beer.

Why Mediamatic?
"Mediamatic is open to innovation and the unconventional." Much like Isa.


Hugo Freijanes at the Rein Beer Fest - Hugo brews beer for the Mediamatic Myco Brew Team. He can be seen here doing some research (!). Lisanne Groenewoud