Biotalk: Material Metamorphosis

Thursday May 26. Public Lecture 20:30 - 22:00

How can we transform the meaning of so called 'waste' into useful objects? At this edition of the Biotalk, two designers and a scientist will tell us how they are re-using materials which otherwise would be thrown away. Emilie van Spronsen used slaughtered chicken as material for making urns and stools. Chemist Tetsuro Oike developed a special filtration technology, with which he can purify drinking water, foods and cosmetics material. Designer Sarah-Linda Forrer created a collection of sensual eating objects to change the relation we have with our food.

Join us! Drinks and food from 18:00, talks at 20:30.
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H5N8 stool, Emilie van Spronsen - All over the world chicken meat is consumed and chicken materials are applied in countless consumer products: From shampoos to car tires, and from fireworks to pillows. However chicken material is used, it remains invisible. The seat of H5N8 Stool is made of coloured chicken feathers embedded in bio-epoxy. It seems to reveal the inside of a pillow, as the chicken feathers float in transparent epoxy. Although the shape looks light and soft, it feels rigid. Picture made by Anna Claire de Breij

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May 29 - Wild Time
Dance through the final hours of your weekend! On the 29th of May we invite you and your friends to Mediamatic's waterfront for a cosy Sunday matinée with Djs Cosime (Nous'klaer), Seamus (Nearly Not There Records) and Diego. Hosted by Arif.
Entrance is free

June 1 - Workshop: Grow Your Own Materials
During this introduction course you will learn how to cultivate the Oyster Mushroom at home and by doing so gain a better understanding of the potential of this organism.
Tickets: €35,- or €25,- with student or artist discount.

May 6 - Lancering Das Magazin
Das Magazin will present their new edition at Mediamatic. Bent van Looy is guest editor and Catherine Lacey, Charlotte Mutsaers and Herman Koch will give a talk.
This presentation will be in Dutch.

Mediamatic Biotoop,
Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam

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