Social RFID Hacker Camp ’07

Mediamatic RFID and Physical Computing Hacker Camp @ Picnic ’07

22 Sep 2007
28 Sep 2007

A great opportunity to realize your physical computing and RFID ideas for real - with a huge group of tagged people!
Mediamatic collected a group of great interaction designers and hackers, thought leaders in the industries around physical computing and the cultural application of RFID, to build creative prototypes and experiences around the unique opportunity of having around 2000 tagged conference guests, all linked through an online social network.


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The camp took place just before the Picnic 07 festival at the Westergasfabriek. The working projects created at the camp run throughout the conference interacting with, playing with and manipulating the approximately 2000 tagged festival attendees. The camp has realized highly innovative and creative applications of RFID technology, blending the physical and the digital into new kinds of hybrid experiences.


Mediamatic provided a variety of resources with which the campers could build the projects including input and output gear that could be hooked up to RFID, Bluetooth, WiFi and the other hard- and software available on the site.
And, of course, access to the database of Picnic's online social networking site containing all the data for all the registered attendees keyed to the RFID tags they have worn.
(Gear that Mediamatic provided will be strongly influenced by the interests of the attendees though there were certainly Arduino's, RFID readers, computers and other standard equipment.
More technical details are available for interested parties.)


Time frame of this camp was Saturday 22 - Tuesday 25 September.


To keep things personal, the size of the camp was limited to between 20 and 30 hackers/designers/engineers.
Participants were invited for this camp by Mediamatic, but we had a few places available for other professionals.


Project leader and main electronics trainer is Marc Boon, Robin Gareus teaches us about the anyMeta API and Andy Smith is there for hardware programming back-up.
Participants are furthermore assisted in realising their workshop projects by hardware hacker Audrey Samson, physical computeer Johannes Taelman and a group of volunteers to man their projects during the Picnic conference.


The workshop is free if we invite you, otherwise it is € 1250,- excl. VAT


For more info:
For questions, please contact Klaas Kuitenbrouwer at +31 (0) 20 638 9901

This workshop is possible thanks to the support of the MEDIA PLUS PROGRAMME.