Jim Wood

Touch and plus.

Combining the touch interaction with another action or event...

Touch and shake, touch and drop, touch and speak, touch and lift up.


shakermain.jpg -

I wondered about the possibilities of touch interaction as with the MIFARE NFC card, or mobile enabled phone. An action and response could be made that was also identified by or to the user?

I guess the visitor has a Mifare type card. Instead of just touch in / out like buy something or get into the bus/train. The action could be a bit more difficult

So the outcome would be some play with some design objects
The pay off - maybe when u done it you collect something on yr card, or receive some good sensation, apart from the good feeling of participation.

How to do that?
RFID Reader / module Arduino, ArduinooBT, Zigbee, Wireless.

Why and how?
The backend is making an rifd/NFC interface compatible with Arudino platform and start off some experiments based on that. e.g NFC/Mifare Arduino shield.