Jim Wood, Mark Wubben, ideacritik


Meta–info based Clan forming

What is your sign? Based on the keywords you added to your profile we'll determine which sign you belong to. Swipe your RFID tag to find out and you will receive stickers with your sign printed on them. You can also create your own button to wear. Search the crowd for individuals with the same sign and have a chat!


badger at Picnic07 - Marieke Bijster

0. confirm paper size, badge material and creator
1. groups & icons
2. software
3. templates (monday morning)

1. arrange the printer (monday morning)
- with a5 paper
2. arrange the sticker sheets (normal paper monday morning)
3. arrange badge material (tuesday)
4. arrange badge creator (monday afternoon)

badge supplies;
€75 (+vat) /1000 2.5 cm badge + P+P from DEUTSCHLAND

---------[day two - conclusions]------------------------------------------------------------
Decided to make 'signs' - thebadges- based on the grouping of Keywords from the PICNIC network

keywords from PICNIC > to keygroups > signs

  1. Signs #

1. ant (worker)
2. flamingo (graceful, flocking)
3. bee (networker)
4. peacock (pretty)
5. rhinoceros (strong, short-sighted)
6. monkey (funny, cheeky)
7. eagle (birds view, bird of prey)
8. salmon (swimming into the flow)
9. bear (cuddly, dangerous)
10. dolphin (nice, smart)
11. fox (sneaky, sexy)
12. penguin (suit, open source)

---------[day two - beginning]--------------------------------------------------------------
There's an opening discussion about Usability and User Expereince for all projects, and when it comes to the idea of Badge collection, somethings are teased out about the intial idea - that it should be more about wearing badges as a way of grouping, displaying a tribe/following etc and therefore the MagicMirror idea doesnt really do that because it is more of a personal interaction. So suggest to go back to the physical object - print out badges!
or stickers, or both.

General questions about participation/reward, engagement/interest for the projects.

Social Networking aspects

----------[day one]------------------------------------------------------------------------
The project was brought up and discussed; could be worth a try, it becomes more the magic mirror idea: the badges are virtual displayed on the body, the icons/images are related to content groups on the PICNIC Network.
Jim is working on making a first prototype in MaxMSP JITTER to show the idea for the next day.
After second discussion and groupings, Mark and Audery join the group - hooray.
Now we talk more about how to make the social aspect stronger, how to retrieve the images from the network and generally how to enhance the use experience.
The visualisation aspect of the mirror and display is worked on by Jim
The graphic design for bagdes is sketched by Audrey
----------[initial thoughts]---------------------------------------------------------------
I wonder that these clear LF rfid tags makes an ideal badge in itself,
look even as a fashion accessory, broach, earring etc.
But this hack is using HF tags right?though metal badges don't work with RFID tags so we consider going virtual...

Virtual collection:
Using the tags to get the ID of the visitor.
Have a magic mirror display. When the visitor looks into it - can see themselves reflected with the badges attached to their shirt in the image.
What the badges are, what they look like - it could be depending on several categories.
Perhaps they have to wear a special marker badge for video tracking?

A few options we are considering:
-the participants wears a special badge which can be recognised by the software, upon which the virtual badge is displayed.
-the sofware approximates the position of the person's chest, upon which the virtual badge is displayed.

the badges themselves - what do they show?
-how many contacts do people have? (badges according to #)
-project badges, what projects/installations have people visited?
-friend badges, showing photos of the participant's friends or 'contacts'.
-network barrometer badges, showing how many 'contacts' the person has.

What we need:

- RFID reader (let's say two)
- Video camera to be hooked up to machine
- Machine (Mac)
- Screen (LCD, huuuuuugggge!)
- Video software, Jim has MaxMSP, there's a trial we can run on the machine.
- Hardware (of the non-technical kind) to make a booth/display